Classical Residence

The Classical Residence highlights a connection between art and the natural world, an homage to the philosophies of classical antiquity.
With a renovated pool, paving, tennis court, and pavilion, this garden has the elements of classic design with contemporary detailing and sculpture.

Traditional Estate

Using brick and bluestone, this traditional estate was designed with stone walls, gracious patios, lawns and gardens to enjoy all four seasons.


Rustic Retreat

This garden was designed after the client’s favorite hotel in Italy. Bringing a little ‘dolce vita’ to their everyday life, the new garden makes them feel on permanent holiday.


Historic Estate

This Governor’s Mansion was given a facelift with crisp, formal planting and hedges that complimented the architecture.


As in winemaking, art and science come together in the landscape design of this vineyard estate, giving visitors the experience of an afternoon under the Tuscan sun. 

Anna Hoffman Landscape Design

Casa in the Hills

Secluded in the hills, this estate’s design fuses Mediterranean plants with the architectural history and culture of the American Southwest. 

French Formal

This historic Julia Morgan designed home reflects the highly principled approach in the style of the historical jardins à la française.

Peninsula Treasure

This French Country style home, set on two acres of cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, looks like it belongs in the South of France. Elaborate gardens and view terraces cascade down from the main house with herbaceous borders with lawn, herb, cactus, cut flower, Mediterranean gardens and Orchards.


Formal Garden

This cascading garden was renovated with masses of drought tolerant planting and exotic, sculptural accents.